Dayton Johnson and his team are the best resource in the for-profit education industry for sales strategy and execution. Their depth of experience and insights are unique with many years of experience and success throughout the education industry. They bring a perfect blend and depth of strategic thinking combined with practical, efficient and effective sales implementation and results. Their network in the K-12 industry is unparalleled, resulting in the unique ability to recruit leading experts in market research and top producers in sales and marketing. Caleb Schutz / CEO Avoca Learning

K-12 Sales Strategy and Sales Infrastructure:

We provide specialized consulting services to develop and execute efficient and effective sales strategy. Services include focused Market Research Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Federal, State and Local Funding Initiatives, Brand Development, Strategic Alliance and Channel Development.
Sales Infrastructure services may include recruitment, training and certification of Resellers, Independent Reps, Field Company Reps, Inside Sales Teams, Webinar Teams, eMarketing Professionals and leveraging Customers for new sales opportunities. An Integrated sales and marketing approach is developed and executed with precise timing to buying cycles.

Product Launches:

We develop innovative strategies for ROI through strategic planning, pricing analysis, marketing strategy, branding, public relations, infrastructure development, strategic partner alliances, establishment of reference sites and validation.

Mergers / Acquisitions / Funding:

We leverage our 25+ years of industry experience and extensive industry networks to provide specialized consulting services for education companies seeking funding and growth opportunities.